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    Internet Drama is STUPIDNEW VIDEO in which I discuss it ~

    Hope you all enjoy <3

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    I hate misunderstanding and not to mention YOUTUBE COMMENTS they get on my nerves. Can we all just get along .


    I’m not saying I had the best entry but I would have liked a chance of winning. I was in school, so I spent that time perfecting everything. I was unable to create a both visually compelling video to add to my vocals at the time. I spent 2 months on this. But there is a reward for people who spent 2 days? I didn’t want to throw together a video. That would dishonor the artist. I have always known that life was unfair.But this coming from people who are on YouTube has to be the most unfair. The notion that talent will always be seen is not at all accurate. I live close to Nashville,TN. Thousands of artist and band line the streets with TALENT but those from rich families and a pretty face are the ones that get discovered. Take the entertainment industry. Thousands of talented Asian Americans pray for the day their talents can be seen in the entertainment industry but obviously there is no luck. TV rarely will cast them as leads. I thought this would be  different from that. First is not best but the last will be first.

    For those of you who don’t know

    I, as well as hundreds of others, entered the Clara C Contest on Youtube, but only the top ten most viewed videos will be entered. It saddens me to say it but that is unfair to people who don’t have alot of friends, subscribers, and money. Because of that I am a little angry not just for myself but for other small YouTubers. I angered at the fact that I spent 2months on the music .Even if I didn’t win, I still wanted a chance to be considered.

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    Felicia's on BlogTV in 5min


    I entered the Clara C contest but only the top 10 out of like a hundred most viewed is getting considered. Please take the time to click and share THANKS

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    Wow it sounds to good to be true but Emmanuel from KingdomWarriersDotCom is talking about something that is in complete and total alignment with the WORD of God


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    Clara C 1964 Ears and contest

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    Medley of Clara C

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    Clara C Contest Entry (Felicia) Be sure to support by viewing and sharing 

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    When I see your face

    I love this song hope everyone enjoys it!Thanks for reblogging

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